Heddon Methodist Church
Does God Still Speak to us
The smell of rain
Ruth and her visitor
An interview with God
I don't fit in!
A living Bible
Brother Smith
The cage
Inspirational Frogs
inspirational stories and video's to share
A collection that we hope will inspire you to share the love of God wherever you may be.
If you would like to share something, please email it to us and we'll see what we can do.
Caged In (Jan 11)
1000 Marbles (Feb 11)
House of 1000 Mirrors (Feb 11)
Kindness (Mar 11)
Throwing Rocks (Mar 11)
I Asked God (Apr 11)
Missing Pa (Apr 11)
Do you think I'll find God? (May 11)
Becoming As Little Children (May 11)
Indestructable (Jul 11)
Mom's Last Laugh (jul 11)
The Serenity Prayer (Sep 11)
Heaven & Hell (Sep 11)
The Holy Alphabet
The Lords Prayer
A reflection from a garden
The most beautiful heart
Fade Me Away
When Jesus Looks
Amazing Love
Bible Inspirations