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I am not the worker who toils each day, putting in the required hours to collect a salary.

I am not the purchaser, the possessor of goods, who acquires things for mindless amusement.

I am not the body that grows weak from stress, sick with disease, slower and more tired with age.

I am a spirit,  a soul,
a life force created by God.  Nothing can hurt me - for a spirit is untouchable and a soul is eternal.

I am fearless. Not age, nor pain, nor illness, nor death can conquer me.  For so long as I dwell in the light of the Lord who made me, I am safe from all worldly wounds.

Though my flesh may age, my mind grow weak, and my heart tremble with needless fear, I am invulnerable; for the essence that is truly me is unaffected by any of the natural forces of the universe.

I am not the tired worker, nor the consumer of useless goods, nor the damaged body that houses my worried mind.

These are but superficial aspects of my brief earthly existence.  I am a spirit.  I am a soul.  I am a life force born of the breath of God.

I am indestructible.

By David L Wetherford