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A reflection from a garden.


 It was a beautiful garden, with flowers growing in all the borders and tubs, and even hanging baskets at the door of the house. But the flowers were not happy. In fact, they were grumbling. 'It's not fair,' said the dahlias. 'We are the tallest plants in the garden with beautiful big blooms, but the Gardener doesn't feed us like he does some other plants.' 'Yes, it isn't fair,' agreed the hostas. Our Gardener comes out and waters the hanging baskets every day, but only comes to water us once a week. We have been in this garden a long time, flowering year after year. It isn't fair.' And the hanging baskets were sad that they seemed to make the other plants so cross because the Gardener watered them more, even though they were so thirsty.


Then one day the plants decided to see the old climbing rose about it. She had been in the garden longest of them all and was very wise. So they asked her what they should do about their problem. 'Our Gardener loves all of his plants,' explained the rose, 'but knows we all grow differently. You dahlias are planted in rich soil so don't need feeding like some other flowers because you already get all the nutrients you need. And you hostas don't need watering very much because you grow in the shade where it is cool and damp. If you had too much water you would die. But you hanging baskets are out in the hot sun all day, so the Gardener gives you a lot of water to stop you drying out and keep you alive.' The plants thought about this and realised that what the rose said was right. They were pleased that they had such a good and kind gardener who knew what they were all like and cared for them as they needed.


A child's story? Or maybe a harvest parable for us. God plants us and grows us where we are, but sometimes we grumble and question. We tell our Gardener what we think He should be doing. We compare ourselves with others instead of rejoicing in our own gifts. Or we look at what is going on in other churches so much that we miss what God is doing in our own. So perhaps this harvest we can remember the parable of the flowers and give thanks that we have a good and kind Gardener, who made us and knows us, and entrust ourselves to His care.