With all the hope and love in our hearts we pray that the Lord will hear our prayers and continue to aid in our journey towards the future with Him.

If you have a prayer request please let us know via the box to the right.

Whether you stumbled on us here or are a frequent visitor we appreciate your assistance in praying with us.


A new page and a prayer for its existance - Dear Lord, we pray that you will bring people here to pray with us as we journey this life with You. Thank you that you have given us this space on the web and that you continue to bring new visitors to us.

Lord we pray that you continue to encourage the people involved in the production of this page and encourage visitors to request prayer.


Our Church and its future - Lord it is our vision to see this small Church in Heddon grow and prosper. We pray that Your Holy Spirit will guide those searching for you our way. Like a beackon may Your glory shine from all those who fellowship with us.


Alternative worship service - Dear Father, it is our intention to start a new stile of worship at our Church. We pray that your blessing be upon us and your guidance be with us as we plan our first service. You placed upon our hearts the vision and now we pray that you insipire those organising this to Your goal.


Fruitful Church Initiative

Dear Lord and Father, thank you for bringing such spirit filled people to our chapel. Lord with you with us we cannot fail! Please give us the words to speak this Saturday so that we can move our church forward in growing more fruitful for You! I pray that your Holy Spirit is awakened and inspiring the people who attend Saturdays meeting. Lord Your will be done at the gathering! Lord, I pray Your words will be spoken on Saturday and our plan of attack will be formulated!


19th September 2018

Dear Lord and Father, Jesus & the Holy Spirit, Thank you for all you have done, are doing and will do for us all at heddon Methodist Church, individualy and at a body for you!

I pray that as our new Minister & his wife bed themselves into life in Heddon, You bless their coming years in ministry here! I pray that Colin and Leslie are an inspiration. I pray that they are guided in where You want them to take the flock they've been asked to look over. Pastures new, I pray!


Prayer for Edith

Dear Lord & Father we pray that Your loving arms are embracing Edith as she approaches the end. Be with her, Father, and with John as he stays by her bedside. Oh, Lord, she's been a servant for you many many years! Now give her a warm knowing that you are with her.